Alumina is a chemical compound with the formula Al2O3, which is found in nature as a white and crystalline substance. This compound is considered one of the most important materials used in the aluminum industry.

Some of the applications of alumina in the aluminum industry include:

1- Aluminum production: Alumina is used as a raw material in the production of aluminum. In the electrolysis process, alumina, along with many other substances, is transferred in bulk into a molten mixture of melted metals such as aluminum metal, to separate the aluminum metal using electric current.

2- Press parts manufacturing: Due to the high resistance of alumina to heat, pressure, and other weather conditions, this material is used as a substitute for steel and other metals in the manufacture of press parts. Press parts made from alumina are very hard and resistant to abrasion and are very resistant to heat.

3- Ceramics manufacturing: Due to its suitable mechanical and chemical properties, alumina is used as a raw material in the production of advanced ceramics such as transparent and translucent ceramics.

4- Household items manufacturing: Alumina is used in the manufacture of household items such as cutting discs and blades. These parts are resistant to heat, have high hardness, and are resistant to corrosion and rust, and are used in many household items such as washing machine frames, billiard balls, and other game and kitchen utensils.

Due to the high properties of alumina, this material is also used in other industries such as steelmaking, glassmaking, electronic industries, and more as an important material.