Cryolite is a chemical compound with the formula Na3AlF6, which is used as a metallurgical additive to produce aluminum. This compound is obtained from aluminum ore (bauxite), feldspar, and iron ores.

Cryolite is a white powder and is soluble in water. To obtain aluminum on an industrial scale, this element must be extracted from bauxite, and for this purpose, cryolite is used as a metallurgical additive. This substance acts as an electrolyte in the molten aluminum and is used to absorb electric current. In this method, bauxite is transformed into aluminum by being crushed into a powder and mixed with molten cryolite and using an electric current with carbon bases.

Cryolite is essential as a metallurgical additive in the aluminum industry and is widely used in aluminum production. Additionally, this substance is used as the latest aluminum-based material in metal products, glass, ceramics, refractories, and catalysts in other industries. Cryolite is also used as a catalyst in the chemical industry.